Long Term Care

Long-Term Care & Assisted Living

At Champion Rx, we feel that long-term care and assisted living serve a crucial service in the care continuum, managing medications for vulnerable, medically complex residents. With the typical patient receiving 8 to 10 different medications each day, effective delivery of pharmacy services is essential to the overall carer and services patients receive. Also, our pharmacy and pharmacists are always personally accessible to provide consultation, manage medications and help with all related pharmacy services, including but not limited to, reviewing residents' clinical needs to ensure that patients receive the right medications at the right time. These services begin upon receipt of each prescription and continue after dispensing the drug.

Long-Term Care & Assisted Living Services: Accounts:

  • Assist in the set-up of all new clients with specifically designed credit applications for each facility
  • Accept most all pharmacy insurance plans
  • Help to coordinate the transfer of medication refills to pharmacy when setting up new accounts
  • Speak directly with facility and family members about their needs

Prescription Processing:

  • Create medication record
  • Clarify medication order
  • Respond to emergency medication orders
  • Perform drug utilization reviews
  • Perform holistic clinical review of the patient
  • Maintain & provide entire medical record for the facility on a monthly basis

Dispensing & Delivery:

  • Package medications in Specialty Blister Packaging or Bottles
  • Ensure proper labeling
  • Provide timely delivery daily
  • Ensure proper labeling
  • Maintain consignment inventory floor stock
  • Provide appropriate paperwork daily and monthly, such as Centrally Stored Medication Records (CSM), Medication Administration Records (MAR) and Controlled Substance Logs

Medication Management:

  • Perform quality assurance checks
  • Conduct narcotics review
  • Perform consultant pharmacist services
  • Inspect facility inventory to ensure proper storage and handling
  • Help to maintain Electronic Medication Administration Record input for facility during business hours
  • Help with implementation of Electronic Medication Administration Record programs
  • Provide facility with all paperwork to keep home/facility in compliance with State & Federal regulations


Faith Manners, Chief Operating Officer at Glennwood House

“We are extremely happy with the customer service and attention that we have received from Champion RX. In particular, Suzanne Light is an extremely experienced pharmacist working with residential facilities as well as working to assist our Residents and their families. Suzanne is also incredibly helpful in responding to the requests of our medical coordination team and providing information and professional guidance. We are very grateful to everyone at Champion RX for all that they do for us at Glennwood House of Laguna Beach. “

Marilyn Artiano, RN

“As a hospice nurse, a considerable amount of time is spent reviewing medications for efficacy, ensuring medications are given appropriately per physicians’ orders,discussing and reviewing medications carefully case by case with pharmacists. This is where I’d like to thank Chapmion Rx for stepping in to provide a most excellent service. They are accurate in dispensing medications, reliable and punctual in their deliveries, friendly and knowledgeable in their practice. Just recently, a mutual patient whom we provide service to, had episodes of agitation requiring frequent adjustments and changes to their medications and plan of care almost daily. I called Suzanne, Pharmacist at Champion Rx, to consult with her on this case. Suzanne gave a detailed description on the effects of certain medications and the benefits of the use of a certain antipsychotic medication having the best therapeutic effect if given scheduled throughout the day. After collaborating with the patient’s physician, we tried the scheduled recommended doses. Suzanne was on point and accurate on her recommendation- our patient’s symptoms are now well managed. Champion Rx team of Pharmacy techs, delivery personnel, and Pharmacists are a superb team. They have time and time again shown professionalism and reliability.”